Who are we
The Itxas-Alde group, founded in 1972, currently has more than 100 members.
Since its creation, the Basque culture is being learned and spread. Thus, both the village choir and the different theatrical groups have been present at different times. Today, its main objective is to learn and spread the Basque culture, Basque dances and traditional music.
We work on the repertoire of all the Basque territories and in the events we use the Basque musical instrument (Txistu, dulzaina, TXIRULA, ttun-ttun…).
In addition to the events in Bakio, we visit other places in Bizkaia and Euskal Herria to show the Basque folklore, both in private activities and in the dances that are performed together with other groups.
Another of Itxas-Alde’s objectives is the knowledge of other cultures through exchange. To achieve this, every year we organize a festival with foreign groups that we invite to our town and then go to those countries.
With this purpose Itxas-Alde began, in 1991, to travel outside Euskal Herria. Since then, we have traveled to Portugal, France, Russia, Catalonia, Turkey, Italy, Argentina, Bulgaria, Scotland, Poland, Costa Rica and other countries, offering a small image of the Basque identity.